Top 5 Mistakes Brands Make with Influencers

What are the biggest mistakes made in influencer marketing?

If you are thinking of starting influencer marketing to elevate your business, read this. This might save you time and energy by knowing the do’s and don’ts of the influencer marketing industry. So here are the top mistakes brands make when working with influencers.

They expect to measure the campaign performance with direct sales

Some brands think that one campaign with an influencer can bring instant tangible sales. But the real impact of the campaign can’t be measured in such a simplistic way. This goes against the most basic fundamental principle in marketing: the consumer funnel. In any form of marketing, there is a psychological consumer funnel principle. First step of a consumer state of mind is Awareness, then Interest, Desire and Action.

Think of it when you admire someone like a friend, a celebrity or a blogger for example. If you see that person use a product you’ve never heard of before, It might catch your curiosity. This is the Awareness stage. Later on after you see that person using this product a couple of times you might start getting interested in the product and research about it. Maybe in a few weeks, months or even a year you’ll finally decide it’s about time you purchase that product you have wanted for a little while now. This is the final stage of the funnel called Action. I don’t know about you but for me I bought some products a year after I’ve seen them used by influencers I love.

For that reason, brands can’t treat influencers campaigns like a commission sales program. The end result is likely to be a bad taste disguised pyramid scheme programme which is unappealing to the influencer or their audience. A smart influencer campaign on engagement not direct sales. Brands can start measuring their influencer marketing campaigns with other insights like engagement and web traffic using trackable links. They can then measure sales after a long term partnership with an influencer.

They underestimate the reach power of the influencer

As a fashion influencer, I’ve received countless emails like this:

Hey love,

What these brands don’t know is that influencers are champions at being connected online. Some private groups connects thousands of influencers together. They connect, makes friends, exchange tips about the industry and support each other. If a brand is trying to exploit influencers, they will share it with their fellow colleagues to protect them from future abuse. It doesn’t take long for a brand to get a bad reputation in the industry.

What are some of the best examples of influencer marketing?

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